Our Services

E-Learning Videos

We provide a wide range of Elearning solutions for the education industry as well as for business. We convert courses into HTML content and can create micro learning as well as social learning solutions to help drive improvements across industries. Our E learning courses include custom content, instructional design, LMS solutions and mobile application development.

Education Cds

Schools have been thriving to create a digital environment in their schools and turning them into digital classrooms.
Being an animation company we love providing animation effects to education in the form of interactive videos that are incorporated in cds,so that it captures the mind of young learners.
We provide design for subject topics in a very innovative way by enriching them with beautiful illustrations and animations. This will make it very interesting for the students and they will no longer get bored while studying or attending classes. Learning is fun and here at Kreatoon we understand that completely. Thus, we always find unique ways to create the content for our educational CDs and e-books.

Explainer Video's

Our explainer videos have the power to explain better than words, still images or graphic and makes demonstration of any product super easy. An explainer video is a great way to earn trust and engage your audience because it given them a feeling that you want to reach out to them. It drives the customer to take action since they can get a video preview of what to expect after buying a product or service. It can also engage a lot of audience across your social media channel and open up possibilities.


We make e-books which comes with beautiful illustrations on various subject thereby helping the students to learn the subjects very easily. We prepare E-books for preliminary classes till graduation and provide the best CDs on every subject that is in the syllabus. Get the most innovative e-books and educational CDs from Kreatoons Solutions. Visually being able to see topics help in learning quickly and by watching the animated version of a topic the students will be able to grasp the concept in a very easy way. We work hard to make education interesting for students. We innovatively reinstate the attention of your students to their studies and make sure that no student miss out on anything important.

2D Animation

Creating beautiful 2D animations are our specialty and it is our pleasure to see your imagination come to life. Be it children’s cartoons or action-packed Hollywood movies, almost everything relies on the techniques which animation brings to life. 2D animation is a kind of animation technique which works in a two-dimensional context. Although previously the pen and paper were used to create 2D animations but with the development of digital technology, the process has become digitalized these days. The 2D animation presents to you an augmented reality. For creating augmented reality using 2D animation, animate the characters are needed to be decorated and designed in such a way that the viewers can visualize and feel the extent of the animation.


Due to extensive use of handheld devices and internet children have adopted a new way of learning through technological sophistication. A research shows that online video consumption among kids between the age of 2-11 years grew by 87% in 2017, thereby creating a brand new category of consumers.There was a gradual change in education system as well since videos showed a very catchy, attractive, and more effective way of teaching things rather than traditional ways. We try to make videos which are designed especially to appeal children and make learning a fun process.


Corporate Video marketing is a big chunk of advertisement and brand awareness program and we help you make your own story! Videos are a great way to build awareness, generate leads for your brand and help explain your ideas, products and services. The possible uses and applications are limitless! A good video has a great story and brings out emotion within the viewer which is crucial for grabbing attention and making a memorable and lasting effect. It is 100 times more powerful than blogs put together. It is showing the world about your corporate believes, ethics and works. Kreatoon solutions just makes it the right kind of video to drive the right message across your clients.